Some people are outstanding in a field, then there is me.

Some people are outstanding in a field, then there is me.

Mary Anne Harris

A world traveler with a passionate belief in world peace. 

There are three main passions that have played their song throughout the course of my life:  travel, photography and my spiritual journey.  Over the years I have found that rather than being separate and distinct, they are actually interwoven parts of who I am and what I came to be in this world.  I believe true and lasting peace will come to our troubled world only when people reach across the barriers of belief, experience the worldview of others, and make lasting friendships through travel.

The tours I lead are for education and interaction with other people, cultures and worlds that are not our own.  And along with the journey comes the opportunity to use photography as a tool to honor and celebrate others.  To know that we are one with all humanity and the world is my passion and my purpose.

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